12th biology syllabus maharashtra board 2013

Reproductive health-birth control, Contraception and sexually transmitted P, Amniocentesis; Infertility and assisted reproductive technologies- IVF, zift, gift (elementary idea for general awareness).
(Case studies any two) Std.Statistics 11 Probability 11th Class Physics Syllabus.10 To identify common disease causing organisms like Plasmodium, Entamoeba,Ascaris and ring worm through permanent slides or specimens.Chapter 14- Animal Husbandry, unit 4: Human Physiology : Chapter 15- Circulation, chapter 16- Excretion and osmoregulation.Law of limiting factors.Mathematics AND statistics STD.Pollination: Types and Agencies.Microbes in Sewage Treatment.Pulmonary and Systemic Circulation.Collect and study soil from visual basic 6.0 controls ppt at least two different sites and study them for texture, moisture content, pH and water holding capacity of soil.Chapter 3 - Biotechnology: Process and Application.Chapter 2 haunt the real slender game link - Gene: its nature, expression and regulation.Disorders; Kidney failure, Dialysis, Kidney stone (renal calculi).Separation of plant pigments by paper chromatography 7 To study the rate of respiration in flower buds/leaf tissue and germinating seeds.11 Study of animals found in xeric (desert) and aquatic conditions with respect to their morphological adaptations.3 To Study Mendelian inheritance using seeds of different colour/size of any plant.Mechanism of hormone action Hormones as messengers and regulators.Excretory System Composition and formation of urine.DNA as genetic material, structure.
Study/observation of the following (Spotting 1 Study of flowers adapted to pollination by different agencies (wind, insect) 2 Study of pollen germination on stigma through a permanent slide.
Environmental issues: air pollution and its control, water pollution and its control and radioactive waste management.