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Right click the family guy season 11 episode 12 new layer you created and choose Create Clipping Mask, then make the texture layer invisible by clicking the eye icon next.
Graffiti Art all windows 7 iso Design, november 28, 2016January 16, 2017, graffiti Art Design.Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and found it helpful.Enter a name for the view and click.Then close it (File - Close) to go back to the original document.Photoshop CS6s 3D Tools and environment are a great way to achieve some amazing 3D effects.The only value you need to change is the Diffuse one if you want to use different colors for each layer of text.The color used for the second layer here is #32dae5.When youre done, you can get rid of the guides if you like by going to View - Clear Guides.Because i can show you pictures in jpg or png type.Change the rest of the settings as shown below.Step 6, click all the material tabs of the first text shape mesh in the 3D panel, then, in the Properties panel, click the Diffuse texture icon, and choose Remove Texture.Select all the mesh groups in the 3D panel except for the Rectangle group, then pick the Move Tool, and rotate the text slightly so that it looks like its falling off of the wall.The 3D panel has all the components of the 3D scene, and when you click the name of any of those, you'll be able to access its settings in the Properties panel.This will place all the 3D meshes in one scene.If needed, you can change the Ellipse mesh Extrusion Depth from the Properties panel.Create a new layer on top of all layers, pick the Brush Tool, and choose the Spatter 46 pixels brush tip.Then, from the View drop down menu, choose Save to save that camera view.
Then change the adjustment layers Blend Mode to Soft Light and its Opacity.