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39 For example, in June 2013, four women were accused of witchcraft because the family "had a 'permanent house' made of wood, and the family had tertiary educations and high social standing".
Siegel, James 2006: Naming the Witch.
Wie afrikanischer Geisterglaube das Leben der Asara Azindu zerstörte."Sudanese man facing misfits season 4 episode 8 execution in Saudi Arabia over sorcery charges".Tindang (Gnani, Gnaani 350.47 Also in 2007, Abdul Hamid Bin Hussain Bin Moustafa al-Fakki, a Sudanese national, was sentenced to death after being convicted of producing a spell that would lead to the reconciliation of a divorced couple.13 14 The Bradt Travel Guides mentions the ghetto in Gambaga as a tourist attraction.The Goddess is in Details, by Deborah Blake 3, circle, Coven and Grove, by Deborah Blake.The A to Z of Dream Interpretation, by Pamela.In the southern parts of Ghana as in its urban areas witch-hunting as mass-violence occurs, but far less frequent than in the Northern Regions.Not included is the different phenomenon ritual murder or any ritual abuse, which is sometimes referred to as witchcraft or witch-hunting (meaning the man-hunt for body-parts for ritual purposes).He collected material of societies that were first contacted by the source writing pcanywhere 12.1 port forwarding about its behaviour.11 A later research of Susan Drucker-Brown observed and discussed the renowned Ghetto in Gambaga.Don't already have an Oxford Academic account?Takes hold in peoples lives when people are less than fully open-hearted.31 The witch hunts in Jalpaiguri are less known, but are motivated by the stress in the tea industry on the lives of the adivasi workers.Egyptian Magic, By Ernest Budge, advanced Candle Magick, By Raymond Buckley."Village 'witches' beaten in India".
"Saudi Arabia: Witchcraft and Sorcery Cases on the Rise" (Press release).
Whitehead and Robin Wright presented a collection of essays on witch-hunts among native tribes in the amazon high- and lowlands.