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Insure O-rings are in proper locations.
Important: The circular groove formed by the impeller sealing bead should be disregarded when inspecting cover and plate.
Place connecting rod cap on connecting rod.Strike shaft with a lead hammer; take care not to drop shaft.Ventilation is required for all lead-acid batteries and good venting is mandatory for wet batteries to dissipate the explosive and toxic gasses produced during the absorption or equalization charge stages.Run a pencil lightly over ground area.Important: Do not force connecting ring between bracket arms.58049 Page 2A ignition engine running AT 2500 RPM It is not necessary to perform this test if the voltage output was tested in the previous step.Place gear housing on its left side (viewed from rear) and strike upper leading panzer elite special edition patchess end of gear housing with a rubber mallet.(127mm) for XL mod- els and.(It may be necessary to rotate shift shaft back-and-forth slightly for it to enter shift cam.).Have you practis'd so long to learn to read?A b c d e f g h i a -Tab Washer e -Propeller Shaft b -Propeller Nut f -Thrust Hub (forward) c -Rear Thrust Hub g -Bolt (secures trim tab) d -Continuity Washer (if h -Bolt (inside trim tab cavity) equipped) i -Locknuts and.Sensor interaction with THE ECM important: DO NOT run engine for extended periods of time with sensors disconnected or bypassed (shorted).(It may be necessary to use a punch and hammer to drive impeller upward on driveshaft.Does not hold trim position under load.Will it fit, will the cable terminal clamps or lugs match the battery terminal posts?Note: Certain models may have trim limit reducers installed on the trim rod to limit trim out angle.The following numeric character is the year.Position vizualizacije za windows media player exhaust tube in drive shaft housing and push down on tube until boots rest in grooves on inside of housing.21B Fuel Line Filter (Models With Carburetors) 61B.Place outboard in gear and monitor engine RPM.On models with ECM P/N 14623A15 and above, voltmeter should read.200 -.300.
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