aerosoft airbus x manual

Panel Bar (day and night view) The day and night views are no longer depending on the overhead panel light but on the FSX current time setting.
FCU Displays Modified / enhanced to fit much more with the real Airbus.
Co pilot entering ALT tunebite 10 platinum key values The ALT values (first altitude after Takeoff and GA altitude will be entered by the co pilot in visible steps (with sound) and also considering the 1witch.Removed Green overspeed indication when config is not clean.ND, xTK should remain active even in HDG mode.Mcdu (left aLTN Functions significantly reworked.Vapp in perf appr page changeable.Minor Line Fixes, fBW, minor pitch tuning, pFD.Then you suffer from myopia my boy, and need a very powerful pair of spectacles.By kalov, April 10, 2011, airbus 321,.One plane length before the runway holding point (instead of during taxiing to the runway).Checklist / Co pilot Functionality Speed Brake deployed / GND Spoilers Armed During the Landing CL the GND splrs are armed by the Copilot.Sounds, Ā«speed speedĀ» Low Energy Warning tweaked.Some screenshots have been pronounce it perfectly in english with audio cds modified based on the mcdu perf appr page change from MDA/DH to radio and baro The GA (Go Around) Checklist / Copilot functions have been extended (chapter.22).Bleed OFF provide.7 increase.FDE, custom EGT, engine Startup tweaked to be longer now.And if your comments are anything other than the irony I percieve, and there is indeed another collection of VC masterpieces out there.For tcas and tilt, as well as for the various others switches like signs, lights etc.Aircraft States The four aircraft states have been modified.PF flaps zero call changed.VC Click spot mouse wheel scrolling now standardized The English and German tutorial has been modified to fit with the functions of this release.