archaeology of medieval bookbinding

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However, this contention has hardly any archaeological support: the evidence is madagascar 3 game demo entirely literary, based on texts of classical authors like Martial (AD ), whose eloquent praise of the advantages of the new book form over the roll provided fertile ground for speculation.H o b s o n ( 1 9 3 9 ) ; 5, Petersen ( 1 9 4 8 ) ; 61, K e b a b i a n ( 1 9 6 7 ) ; 7, N e e d.92) of a late medieval binding from Athos.Jansen, Beatrix Kastaly, Professor Martin Krause, James.In the case of Berlin.J├Ąckel (1985) briefly reviewed the main G e r m a n variants (but w h h partly erroneous dating a survey of material from Saxony was undertaken by Muller (1991).This is quite evident in cases where the spine is uncov ered and only the sewing thread and the folds of the quires are involved in movement; b u t even lining the spine with leather (affixed with adhesive) does not seem to inflict restriction.C o n t e n t s and covers (except for the covers of C o d e x II, sec C h a p t e r 2, n o t e 9) are kept separately at the Coptic M u.(1935 'Der gerade Riicken Archiv fiir Buchbinderei, 35, 20-4.Szirmai, realizing how much information is at risk, is either enchanted or made distraught by the condition of an early book.Gottlieb, Theodor (1910.k.Unfortunately, the u p p e r cover and the first part of the text are virtually lost; the lower cover has retained its pastedown consisting of the last blank leaf of the textblock and some of its leather covering.F r o m the description of the bindings by Robinson in the Facsimile Edition of the Nag Hammadi Codices (1972-7) it appears that some parts had already been lost by then or were no longer in their original state; as the bindings had been.I ), Amsterdam:.L.A d a m (.
Ben terminologie voor de beschrijving van de consiruaies van oudc boekbanden A Terminology for Describing Old Binding Structures, Den Haag: Koninklijke Bibliorheek (in Dutch).