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As you can see, simply changing colors around can really change the look and feel of a logo.(Select the first tool in the upper left corner of the tools menu, Rectangular Marquee Tool select the bottom half of her body and hit the delete key.The larger size makes the previews easier to visual basic 2005 ebook see but they're also taking up more space.Then click " OK " (Refer to the screenshot below).Sorry for my bad English!Setting up your Document in Photoshop.Ecofont software natively supports most commonly used fonts: Arial, Times New Roman, Calibri, Verdana en, trebuchet MS).I'll choose red: Choose a new color for the text from the Color Picker.If you have multiple lines of text separated by line breaks, and all of the text is on the same Type layer, you can quickly select it all by double-clicking on the Type layer's thumbnail in the Layers panel: Double-click on the thumbnail for the.Be the first the know when we add new tutorials!With the Type layer selected, go back up to the Options Bar and make any changes you need.There's two main kinds of type that we can add in Photoshop - point type and area type.Adding A Line Break You may be thinking that you should just be able to press the normal Enter (Win) / Return (Mac) key on your keyboard to accept the text, but that actually won't work because instead of accepting the text, it adds.This way, you've saved that font selection (the hidden layer and you have a new layer to find more fonts from) :.The accumulative experience of all these avenues have really helped further my abilities when I confront each new project.If you need to delete text that you've already accepted, click on its Type layer in the Layers panel and drag it down on to the Trash Bin : Type layers can be deleted by dragging them down on to the Trash Bin.
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