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More Books from this Author).For years Ive wanted to supplement the universal laws of the Bro Code with a portable handbook of advice and commentary but for various reasons had to scuttle each previous effort: The Guy-dance Counselor, 1, touching Your Inner Bro, 2 and most recently, the Pocket.The Bro Code will calibrate your moral compass while.Bro on the Go provides a map to navigate your path toward total awesomeness and maybe, just maybe, getting laid big-time.Plus, receive updates on new releases, recommended reads and more from Simon Schuster.Offer redeemable at Simon Schuster's ebook fulfillment partner.Bro on the Go, the same classic traditions and guidelines for Bro behavior, now packaged in a more compact and awesome format.Used this way, it is my hope that.What do I do when Im at the office, going to the beach, or when Im supposed to be at the office but Im at the beach?From the Publisher, from the hit TV show, how I Met Your Mother, an abbreviated, on-the-Bro version of the classic.New York Times bestseller, the Bro Code, featuring a new introduction by author Barney Stinson.SE-103 13 Stockholm, sweden.So take this package of wisdom, roll it into a generous cylinder, stuff it in your front pocket, and go, Bro,.
Spider-Mans uncle once said, With great power comes great responsibility, but what the great philosopher really meant was, With great power comes a never-ending string of dumbass questions.