battlefield 4 update 2 pc

Added clickable buttons to the in-game Battlelog.
Fixed a crash on Test Range that could occur when gmail hacker pro keygen using sniper rifles.
Fixed a Ticket count issue in Rush mode.Fixed so you won't see the emblem of a user that you have blocked.Crashes freezes - Fixed a crash that would occur randomly during gameplay.Gameplay balancing - Removed the scout helicopter at the final base for the defenders in Rush mode on Siege of Shanghai - Adjusted a Conquest flag position on Zavod 311 that was obstructing vehicles.Fixed a memory allocation bug that could lead to crashing.This has been fixed.We are continuing to work on more multiplayer optimizations concerning network performance.Fixed a common crash that occurred during map transition.Fixed an occasional crash during SP gameplay.Sometimes when a player or enemy was sitting in the jeep gunner entry and got killed, his body would rest on the vehicle in such a way that the physics simulation would require lots of CPU usage.Fixed a crash that would occur during level loading.Fixed an issue with the minimap in Rush mode.Fixed a bug on Golmud Railway where a destroyed house at flag A would block gunfire.Fixed an issue where the game would get stuck in infinite loading if you got disconnected while trying to access online content.Fixed a single player crash that could sometimes occur when being killed by AI enemies.Commanders can no longer erroneously try to get match-made into a game of Domination.At Hainan Resort in Rush mode, defenders were given too much armor at the first base.Fixed an issue where the game would get stuck in infinite loading if you used WinL to lock your PC during loading.Fixed an issue relating to player skill levels.Fixed a floating container on Golmud Railway near flag C in Domination.
The Network Smoothing slider governs a group of settings that aim to produce a tighter multiplayer experience based on your specific packet loss situation.
Fixed a flickering-issue on Siege of Shanghai when using NVidia drivers 331.52.