best pure dab radio 2012

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Buy Now at from.99 At time of review the Sony XDR-S60 was available for.
Stick with one of these selections for radio heaven.60 gets you standard DAB and FM plus NFC-enriched Bluetooth for streaming from your phone, plus dual speakers.There is not currently a Revival model that does everything.Its now available in white as well as black.For those who prefer the sweet sounds of the airwaves, a DAB radio is the ideal companion.There is a bit more to the retro style than a surface-level look, though.Big knobs, big buttons and a very large, clear display make it an absolute joy to operate.England and Wales company registration number 5237480.Were not been convinced by all of Pures recent designs, but weve a lot of affection for the looks of its higher-end radios.Its not the most convenient radio in a few respects.The interface is also fiddly.Powerplus Rhino wind-up radio torch (30).This is perhaps the best compromise for a modern, easy to use radio, avoiding you needing to sift through the reams film game of death and reams of stations available online while letting you hook up with your phone.If this one is too big, theres also a Midi and a Mini available, though the Mini doesnt have the Mini Moderns finish.It offers a hint of retro, but with a more modern interpretation thatll look great in just about any room.
This combo gives the Spectrum not only the best sound among our budget picks, but also the most satisfying set of abilities.