black ops 3 pc update

Fixed an issue with max number of bots during Free-For-All or Team Deathmatch.
Haymaker 12 Fire rate and damage range slightly reduced.
Reaper, scythe has had its ammo reduced from 200 to 160.
Players will now be rewarded with a Dark Ops calling card when they Prestige.Maps Exodus Fixed an exploit where Players were able to mantle into an unintended area of one of the buildings.Corrected text deions for Specialist weapon multi-kills which homebase discount code delivery 2013 unlock Specialist Epic.General Gameplay Addressed a case where Scorestreak kills were counting toward Specialist kills for Challenge compupic pro 6.23 key completion.Xeon 5440, GTX 470,6 GB RAM.Call can't offline address book outlook 2010 of Duty: Black Ops 3 Update 2 (2015) PC RePack.Hello everyone, Along with a number of fixes for performance and crash issues, the following is a list of changes included in all updates released so far including todays patch.These will now be awarded correctly.Gorgon Clip size reduced from 50.Minor tweak to the fire rate.The Safeguard robot will no longer get stuck outside the North Garage, when attempting to path toward the North Goal.Fixed an issue where some damage from shotguns was getting reduced when the Long Barrel attachment was equipped.Arena Players now prevented from joining a post-match lobby.Call of Duty: Black Ops.Exe, n 2-DVD9 : n 3-DVD9 : n 4-DVD9 : n 5-DVD9 : n, n, n 6-DVD9 : Redist n,.Fixed an issue where white boxes were appearing for Custom Classes in Create-A-Class.Addressed an issue where hosts were able to leave as soon as the game began.Pharo Close damage range slightly reduced.