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Kharitonov added: Russian publishing houses should be happy because many of them have had contracts with Amazon for a long time and sales are now beginning.
I bought several bilingual books.GodLiteratury: What has actually happened?Russian is one of the eight languages that have the highest number of books.The Amazon catalogue consists of some books for a general audience (.Tags books, read russia!, e-commerce, on Feb.What does it mean for those who have no Kindle reader?This news means that there is now another source of e-books in Russian Kharitonov said.It's not so big as the e-catalogues of or the m e-library, where you can kalender cuti umum malaysia tahun 2014 find hundreds of thousands books.Bought as Christmas gift for grandson.Of the Russian Association of Web Publishers, about this news.Now, visitors to this online store can buy e-books in Hungarian (one book Latin (13 books Polish (one book Russian (9,500 books) and Hindi (58 books for users from Russia and 87 for those in the.S.).GodLiteratury: What does this mean for those who read in Russian?This catalogue is quite random now, so in the future in will not only increase, but also be filtered.Now e-books in 31 languages are available at Amazon.