boot multiple iso from usb windows xp

Switch back to using vesamenu for sub-menu config files.
11/05/13 Version : Quick fix to support older versions of Knoppix.
Update to replace empty spaces in iso file with dashes.Web, Trinity, and font keren ttf s60v5 RIP Linux.I am open to a simple working solution!Iaahci_7RDH driver disk1, s, iaStor inf disk1, f catalog disk1,.Web menu entries which became broken in build.; Copyright (c) 2003-10 Intel Corporation Filename: txtsetup.Iaahci_8MEM driver disk1, s, iaStor inf disk1, f catalog disk1,.Cant find myself on the drive I booted from First, replace your chain.Reinclude show all drives option.Once there, move the bootmgr, bootmgr.Correct Opensuse ISO copy failed when using Windows.Ophcrack Tables : To load Ophcrack tables when booted in this fashion, the tables folder needs to exist at the root directory of the USB device; (example F:tablesvista_free).03/22/17 Version : Add ability to create larger than 4GB casper-rw persistent file if using ntfs format for Ubuntu and Linux Mint (creates 4th partition table).Wim and loaded with DrvLoad before start of Setup, scratch space is increased accordingly.11/04/13 Version : Beta release of yumi version.Yumi on Linux : You can easily run yumi on a Linux Host via wine.
Yes, you can have multiple persistent Ubuntu based distributions, as each distro utilizes its own casper-rw file.
Exe to paritition and format the drive and then embed grldr when MultibootISOs is first power dvd player for linux run on the chosen drive.