bruce jenner special part 1

I didn't know if you'd be accepted, not be accepted, if you'd be ostracized, pushed out of society.
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Transcript for Bruce Jenner, 'I'm a Woman Part.
This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100 accurate.What is their relationship like now?In fact, she still wonders what they were thinking listening to her remarks. .Here are eight of the most surprising moments from part one:.News: Laverne Cox Calls Bruce Jenner Brave More Celebs React on Social Media.In fact, Bruce even compared coming out as transgender to losing a family member, saying that some people feel that its like a death in the family.And I would make a suggestion to all people out there dont ask the question."And I hope that I'm part of that." Still, she's sanguine about it: I don't have that many years left.CJ: We had never met.I am a woman.Replay 1 of 34 2 of 34 3 of 34 4 of 34 5 of 34 6 of 34 7 of 34 8 of 34 9 of 34 10 of 34 11 of 34 12 of 34 13 of 34 14 of 34.Vanity Fair and then the show and all that sort of stuff?Khloe spent most of the episode feeling angry and betrayed, but as Bruce explained, he welcomed the reaction as a way of showing other families watching the special the myriad ways that people react.Jayme Deerwester, USA today Published 2:32.m.
Two years after coming out as a transgender woman, Caitlyn Jenner sat back down with Diane Sawyer to discuss her new life.(Photo: ABC News) 45273 connect 115 commentemailmore, nearly two years to the day American viewers watched Olympic gold medalist-turned-reality star Bruce Jenner announce that.