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Use linq to express queries for any form of data.
He doesnt just cover the what and how of effective C# programming: He explains the why, so you can consistently choose the right language and platform features, maximizing your efficiency and effectiveness.Got me thinking about a homeworld cataclysm xp patch post on C# book recommendations and here there is one already so here are my book recommendations for any developer (not just.16, the Common emulator nintendo 64 buat pc Type System Explained .Clean Code; Robert 'Uncle Bob' Martin *Agile Software Development; Robert 'Uncle Bob' Martin *Refactoring; Martin Fowler, working with Legacy Code; Michael Feathers *Continuous Integration; Paul Duvall *Growing object orientated software guided by tests; Steve Freeman (Java).1643 Creating a Windows Runtime Component 1658 Overview of the Windows Runtime APIs 16 Index 1671.C#.0 Unleashed is for anyone who wants to learn the C# programming language in depth, understanding how language features truly work.These are more project management.Yes yes the title says C# book recommendations and most of these don't contain C# code AT ALL!The last chapters give an overview of the.NET Framework libraries about which every good developer on the platform should know.Leverage the Base Class Library (BCL) to quickly perform many common tasks.Language: English, iSBN-10/asin: N/A, iSBN-13: N/A, share This: Book Description, c# is a general purpose, object-oriented, component-based programming language.Instrument, diagnose, test, and troubleshoot your C# code.Leverage interoperability with Windows Runtime to build Windows 8 applications.Agile Testing; Lisa Crispin (from a testers point of view, developers ARE testers or at least should pair program (sorta) with testers).356 Declarations 357 Selection Statements 358 Iteration Statements 375 A Peek at Iterators 391 Loops in the Age of Concurrency 398 The goto Statement 400 The return Statement 404 Summary 406 8 Basics of Exceptions and Resource Management 407 Exception Handling 407 Deterministic Resource Cleanup .Airport Visualizer : Airports all over the world visualized on 30 maps - 100 Free!212 Intermezzo on Comments 223 Arrays 230 The Null Reference 239 Nullable Value Types 243 Summary 249 5 Expressions and Operators 251 What Are Expressions? .