casio classpad 300 emulator

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1997/08/21 SmartROM Documentation ( details ) 48 ENG 49KB corel draw trial version windows 7 Documentation for the SmartROM ROM card previously available at EduCalc, in IBM printer and HP printer format.2000/09/07 HP 48SX Remarks ( details ) 48 ENG 6KB Some initial remarks about the 48SX made after its announcement but before its release.The, casio, classPad 300, ClassPad 330 and fx-CP400 1 are stylus based touch-screen graphing calculators.Covers the HP 28C, 28S, 48S/SX, 48G/G/GX, and 49G/48gII/49g.2001/03/09 Links to Manuals.1 ( details ) 49/50 48 ENG ESP POR 1KB Contains a text file that gives the addresses on HP's site from which one can download PDF versions of HP 48 and HP 49 instruction manuals in various languages.This information is provided to help you conserve battery life.Solutions, expressions, and other items can be selected with the tap of the stylus.2008/08/16 Full Path ( details ) 48 ENG 4KB Discussion of how to execute a variable in another path and then return.1999/06/05 HP 48 usenet archive ( details ) 48 ENG 117KB Archive of posts related to the HP 48.handhelds in 1990.2008/08/12 power business center cluj firme Cute HP 48 Bug ( details ) 48 ENG 1KB Comments about a bug in the 48 that lets you enter system binaries from the command line.Fx-CP400 edit The fx-CP400, 1 released in 2013, is a color version, which can switch the screen between portrait and landscape views.Flags which the user need not worry about are not included here.1999/10/16 Jumper Information ( details ) 48 ENG 2KB Explains why there are jumpers on the HP 48G series to adjust the clock speed.
2 ( details ) 48 38 ENG 536KB Newsletter for educators about HP calculators from April, 1999.
By Hewlett-Packard and others.