choujigen game neptune the animation episode 6

Noire tried to attack Anonydeath, only to be intercepted by the Goddess Yellow Heart.
Rei is unfaze by the destruction and mickey avalon loaded zip plan to self-destruct as another mean to destroy the world.Maybe it has to do with disposing all the goddesses, which Magiquone also wanted?With the 2 worlds linked, the Goddesses all meet and befriend their counterparts, and Neptune celebrate the occasion with a toast of pudding.In order to cure it, Neptune and Vert travel to Plutia's dimension to obtain the Shimmering Flowers.Anonydeath holding up Peashy as the new goddess for Eden kind of reminds.With the Planeptune's Shares declining shown through the power of the Sharicite due to idleness, Neptune decided to learn more about the duties of a CPU from Noire.Rom and Ram are kidnapped by CFW Trick and Linda.Euphonium (32) Hidan no Aria (29) Hyouka (27) Ikoku Meiro no Croisèe (15) K-ON! .After watching this episode, I admit that I felt bad for Neptune because she is the most upset after Peashy got kidnapped. .Neptune use a pacifist approach to attack Peashy's memory, lagu om sagita album ngamen 13 while Plutia and Noire, leaving Lastation to Uni, infiltrates Eden.As Plutia, Neptune, Nepgear and Peashy get acquainted, IF and Compa were kidnapped by Arfoire and Pirachu."Hyperdimension Neptunia Anime Ads Feature Ending Song".The candidates, IF and Compa return to the Zune district before they complete their training to stop share loss after pictures of the subdued goddesses are leaked to the net.Maybe if she just shared some pudding and spent more time with her, perhaps this wouldnt have happened.Neptune, with the help of Nepgear, IF, and Compa, took care of the Dogoos in Nasuume Highlands, while Noire took care of the monsters in Toruune Cave.
AWE yeah, GET ready FOR some iris heart next episode.