cleric epic 1.5 prequest

Combine four in the satchel to 50 shades of grey part 1 pdf craft a Sealed Ore Satchel.
You say, talking tom games for laptop 'Hail, Biddliss Sperandu biddliss Sperandu says 'Go away before I sic the clockworks on ya!'.Bring me four gleaming zraxthil ores and combine them in this satchel.Bring a solid group to Barindu.Cartographer Tweister pulls out a map and a compass and begins triangulating the coordinates, 'This location is in the South Western corner of chatterbox 4 teacher's book Lesser Faydark.'.You receive an Orb of Deathspeaking.I've never seen a metal like this: it is almost alive.Mirot will summon the skeletons back to him if they go too far away.We must build a special box that will protect the tome.The leader will be pleased.I have decided that our best bet of obtaining the staff is for me to attempt to summon it from its home plane of existence.Find my brother, Taiandao in Barindu.He is still among the living, but is a slave of the vile muramites.He had a curious staff with him that seemed to whisper dark tidings.You will use it to construct the box.'.All four of the paladins (Sir Arlindo Goldheart, Sir Gerwin Thunderblade, Sir Telian Mottsworth, and Sir Gregon Sulltor) are level 70, very magic-resistant (tash or malo will help greatly).If you bring me his head.You say, 'Call to duty?He believes himself to be indestructible, but he is not.Balls of Elemental Clay have been reported as dropping in the Ruins of Old Paineel (The Hole) and Vegarlson, the Earthen Badlands.Brewing the temper should prove no trouble for you.A Kyv Runner says 'Commander Votal will want to see this!'.
'There appears to be a small rune etched in the wood.' Kazen takes out a piece of parchment and draws a picture of the rune.
Combine the three plasmas in a brew barrel to craft a Soul Temper, trivial 100, minimum skill required 100, identifies as "This can be used to re-attune an item to your spirit." Combine the Soul Temper, a Water Flask, and the Aegis of Chaotic Worship.