convert date format in oracle sql

Error '01-JAN-1998' 'fxdd-MON-yyyy match '1-JAN-1998' 'fxfmdd-MON-yyyy match, format of Return Values: Examples You can use a format model to specify the format for Oracle to use to return values from the database to you.
Answer: Oracle has several method for converting an epoch date format into a displayable Oracle date, and it depends on if you wish to keep timezone values: select to_timestamp_tz Europe/London 'yyyy-mm-dd tzr numtodsinterval( /1000 second dstamp from dual; You can also adjust epoch date conversion.
The following statement selects the salaries of the employees in Department 80 and uses the TO_char function to convert these salaries into character values with the format specified by the number format model '99,990.99' select last_name employee, TO_char(salary, '99,990.99 from employees where department_id 80; Because.Oracle uses blank characters to fill format elements to a constant width equal to the largest element for the relevant format model in the current session language.The time portion of this format indicates that the hours are in 24-hour format.TO_char with select statement.8.7.Oracle : - Specify a datetime string and its exact format select TO_date 'yyyy-MM-DD from dual; SQL Server : - Specify a datetime string and style 102 (ansi format raises an error if conversion fails select convert(datetime, 102 - TRY_convert available since SQL Server 2012.Convert raises an error when it cannot recognize the format, while TRY_convert returns null in this case: SQL Server : - Specify not valid datetime string select convert(datetime, 'ABC # Msg 241, Level 16, State 1, Line 1 # Conversion failed when converting date and/or.Select TRY_convert(datetime, 'ABC # null Note that when converting a string to datetime, both convert and TRY_convert recognize ansi/ISO datetime formats with various delimiters by default, so you do not need to specify a style for them.M Month name (January - December month 5 m, month (0 - 12).Oracle : - Convert the current date to yyyymm format select TO_char(sysdate, 'yyyymm from dual; # 201302.Converting a Number Representation to date Format.8.8.Table 2-17 shows whether the following statement meets the matching conditions for different values of char and 'fmt' using FX (the table named table has a column date_column of datatype date update table SET date_column TO_date(char, 'fmt Table 2-17 Matching Character Data and Format Models.Question: My company uses a product that stores date/time as an integer.TO_char(sysdate, 'month DD, yyyy, HH24:MI:SS.8.4.I use a formula to convert it to a readable date. .Hour (0 - 23 hH24.Rrrr 4-digit or 2-digit year, 20th century used for years 00-49, otherwise 19th.Note that the date_format and TO_char use different format strings.Get the Complete, oracle SQL Tuning Information, the landmark book "Advanced Oracle SQL Tuning The Definitive Reference" is filled with valuable information pkzip for windows 8 64 bit on Oracle SQL Tuning.
I then need a function to convert the unix Epoch date format into an Oracle display date format.