corel paintshop photo pro x3 transparent background

If your image has multiple layers, be sure to Merge Visible.
Saving Jpegs, Gifs And Png Files - Loss Of Image Quality Notes.
However, because images react uniquely, always experiment.
Therefore, to keep your Jpeg, Gif and Png files in optimum condition, always save the original image as a Paint Shop Pro Image; then open the original Paint Shop Pro file, and save it as a Gif, Jpeg or Png. .Use Wizard Note In my experience, it is better to optimise your Gifs manually, as described in this tutorial.5/ Now, click the Colours tab, and enter the following attributes into the subsequent dialogue box.This tutorial demonstrates how to save a graphic as a transparent Gif, utilising Paint Shop Pros.Tips, this also works with GIF transparency.This creates a duplicate of your image on a separate object.Steps 1, select an image that you want to have a background transparent.PowerClip the bitmap inside the shape you drew and export with a transparent background.The following steps demonstrate how to disguise the black raggedness, so the flower blends with a light background.If you make a mistake, paint back in the image with the opposite color.Save Non-transparent Gifs Tutorial Here.Congratulations, your transparent graphic is ready to upload to your website, or send via e-mail, in your usual manner.1 open your transparent image onto Paint Shop Pros workspace, then extend its grey workspace by left- clicking and dragging out one of its corners.In addition, if you know your solid colours html code, then enter it into the Colour dialogue box - in the html box.5/ Gifs will give crisp edges to text, while Jpegs may blur the edges.
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