dark hills of cherai game

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Go over the wall to the Fortress Courtyard.Meeting place tara TO maya When you return to this spot you should still have all 3 icons visible.Click on the reset button if you want to start from the beginning.Tara TO rahul Click on Mayas large icon on the right to open up the inventory items again.Zoom into the tree (X) and pick up the blue ritual dust (Y) with the long hook.Place the lasso on the OX (Z) and pick.Chapter 6: The Finale Move to the Rock Doorway.Pick up the Yellow Gem in the ground.Castle gate Look for the items on the list.This area is now clear; place your cursor above the steps to enter the next area.Zoom into the flowers (1).This walkthrough was written using Relaxed Mode.Click on the Symbols that you find throughout the game.Zoom into the pile of rocks (T).Pick up the Matchbox in the lower left.