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Quato Intelli Color 190, color-monitor with integrated factory calibration, intelli Color monitors are tuned directly to the graphical environment.
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The Intelli Color recommends so for the ideal replacement softwarekalibrierte, large-sized CRT monitor or a color-stable counter-strike cfg editor 2.0 Monitor range.We are sure that only an perfect maintained Linotype Hell/Heidelberg Chromagraph S3300/S3400, Nexscan F4100/F4200, Primescan 7100, 8200, 8400 and Tango/Tango XL sowie Topaz HighEnd scanners provide quality and are able to reach Delta E 1 scales after reprofiling.The manual RGB adjustment with Gamma.8, Gamma.2 and L * for the first time with the Screen can be adapted perfectly to individual needs.The a /.All comments are saved in a database.The color space view of the monitor's gamut compared to references are ultimately arbitrary information about the size of the color space.This precise color reproduction and smooth gradients is safe.If you register on paypal, you may also pay by charging your paypal account with your credit card.The analysis built diagnostic features and complement the color space representation of functions.Also can be checked for accuracy after calibration, the LUT and matrix profile.Therefore we provide spare parts and preventive service.View of the monitor's gamut compared to the.This eliminates, most of the quality-reducing Gammabzw.In addition, dominated the Inteli Proof 201 full simulation of ISOuncoated and ISOnewspaper ISOcoated or can reflect up.
The iColor Display calibration and profiling the monitor guides the user step by step until the desired calibration result.