disney's mickey mouse works

24 September 16, 2000 Donald's accident: Donald rides by in a Goodyear type blimp with an electronic sign that reads "Duck Works." The sign begins to spark, shorts out and fries the blimp.
Donald's cold opening accident: Donald attempts the boat and sail again, but this parachute home discount code time he is squashed by a whale and sent to the bottom of the sea.
One of the sets released in this wave, The Chronological Donald, Volume Four, featured a handful of Donald-centric shorts from both Mickey Mouse Works as bonuses - Bird Brained Donald, Donald and the Big Nut, Donald's Charmed Date, Donald's Dinner Date, Donald's Failed Fourth, Donald's.Original airdate: September 18, 1999 11 Mickey To The Rescue: Cage And Cannons - When Pete kidnaps Minnie and whisks her off to his funhouse-like hideout, Mickey must cross a cartoony bridge and dodge Pete's boxing-glove cannons to rescue her from a cage suspended high.26 September 30, 2000 Donald's accident: Donald rolls in a huge cake which reads "Starring Donald Duck." But Clarabelle pops out of it, grabbing Donald and kissing him into a frenzy.Mickey's New Car - Mickey's old car is a clunker, so in order to get to a date with Minnie on time, he trades it in on a fancy new one with all the accessories.(Note: This short, along with Minnie Takes Care of Pluto, was one of the only two Mouse Works shorts that didn't show up again on House of Mouse for unknown reasons.) Donald's Grizzly Guest - With the rainy season approaching, Humphrey the Bear, dissatisfied with.While most skits involved individual characters, some have Mickey, Donald, and Goofy hotfix installer package msu running a special service group.Original airdate: December 16, 2000 References edit External links edit.By using basic colors and the original sound effects, effort was put forth to capture the look and feel of classic Disney.Well, maybe the title is correct after all.Maestro Minnie : Minnie conducts an orchestra of animated, disagreeable instruments.Roller Coaster Painters ".But instead of the cappuccino machine he's expecting, he gets to take charge of Salty, the Seal.Mickey Foils The Phantom Blot - When Von Drake arrives at Mickey, Donald and Goofy's delivery service with a mysterious package that he wants delivered to himself, our heroes smell a mystery.4 May 22, 1999 Donald's accident: Donald brings through an elegant flashing electrical sign which says "Starring Donald Duck" and then turns into a time and temperature flasher.Mickey's Cabin - Mickey is snowbound with Pete and his cousin Zeke who have stolen an automated teller machine.On November 11, 2008, the eighth wave of Walt Disney Treasures was released.However, once inside her penthouse suite, Pluto finds the tables turned, with Tiki in hot pursuit of him!See our NewsDesk partners.The mystery deepens when the package is stolen by the Phantom Blot.He battles the blanket, wrestles the lawn chairs, and combats the picnic basket until, finally, the site is set.
Pluto's Magic Paws - Mickey mistakenly picks up a pair of magic gloves from the dry cleaners instead of his regular gloves.
Music was nominated for an Annie Award in both 19The cartoons on the show were later used in the Disney animated television series.