double dragon 3 the sacred stones game

2 Reception edit While Billy's name is normally spelled correctly throughout most of the game, even in the 1-player version of the opening, the opening of the 2-players mode has his name misspelled as "Bimmy" when both Lee brothers are shown together on the very.
The three extra character duos available in this mode are Urquidez, Chin, and Oyama (all three are pairs of brothers).
Weapons can also be obtained by disarming certain enemies, although only the Lee brothers and Chin can arm themselves with enemy weapons (which include a throwing knife, a sai and a beer bottle).
Hiruko tells them that they must fight a mysterious enemy stationed in Egypt, and in order to do so they must first collect all three of the Rosetta Stones.Each fighter has his own fighting techniques, health points and speed, making them suitable for different situations.A year after the downfall of the Shadow Warriors, a new enemy threatens Billy and Jimmy Lee, as Marion is kidnapped by a mysterious organization.Although loosely based on the similarly titled arcade game.The newest version of this game can be purchased on,.Additionally, the final boss is no longer Cleopatra (in the arcade version instead a possessed version of Marian named Queen Noiram.Chin Seimei, a Chinese martial arts master, joins at the end of Mission 2, while Yagyu Ranzou, the head of a ninja clan, appears at the end of Mission.Other Versions, double Dragon III was ported to several computer systems, including the Amstrad CPC.NES avast antivirus key for 1 year version received mostly positive reviews, due to the more direct attention from Techns Japan Corp.Another new feature of Double Dragon III involves special attacks and weapons.Rather than featuring the directional based attacks.Not only does each character now have their own weapon that can be equipped from the sub menu (as well as using weapons dropped by enemies; this feature was in previous games but when playing in cooperative mode, players can perform special attacks that every.Normally the game ends when the player's party has been vanquished, but the player is given the option to continue once during the final two stages.Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stone ( is a side-scrolling beat-'em-up produced for the, nintendo Entertainment System in 1991.
Double Dragon III returns to the gameplay format established in the first.
It was the third Double Dragon game for the NES, developed by Technos Japan Corp.