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Im of two minds about this, although both of my reasons why are purely metatextual instead of having anything to do with the logic inside the show.
It would be surprising, heartbreaking, and bold to see the MCU go this route with the Spidey sequels, and Tom Holland is such a terrific actor that he could pull this off so well.So the aunt/nephew dynamic is an absolute deal breaker to modern audiences, but maybe wouldnt be the worst thing in Westeros?As much as Im loving grrms writing and world building, Im starting to get a little fatigued with the size of the narrative and Im discouraged knowing that the series hasnt even been finished yet.Ive seen worse than aunt and nephew.Keajaiban dan kegelisahan dari kedua lawan bersama-sama melahirkan drama.Tanpa diduga, pengakuan cinta ini sukses, tapi meskipun dia adalah gal, dia adalah suci, dan Junichi hanya dimanipulasi oleh pacarnya.(Remember, fiction writers in general and grrm in particular loves himself some parallelism which also doesnt bode well for Viserion or Rhaegon).So isnt Jaime getting rescued impossible?So yes, Barristan would added a great deal to the proceedings, but would have added too texas ba ii plus professional financial calculator in mumbai much, too soon.You bring up a good point about fantasy, in that the best fantasy has a set of rules, even if the audience doesnt know them, and doesnt break them.Bronn will cut Jaime out of his armor and drag him to the surface (because Jaime is the one whos going to give him a castle, after all and the Lannister easy cd creator 5 platinum serial key will probably live to fight another day.Hes way at the bottom of the lake and in full armor.
Barristan literally died in the same episode he began to tell stories bookworm adventures 2 mac Rhaegar (Sons of the Harpy, episode five).
My call: Drogon is poisoned, like his namesake.