drama korea i hear your voice episode 11

Su-ha: I still seem like a kid to you, dont I?
She says she knows.
Back at the mod bus game 18 wheels of steel haulin revolving door, Kwan-woos still holding both parties hostage as polar protrainer 5 serial he asks Do-yeon to reconsider Su-has charges.Choong-ki comes running over, taking care to cover her skirt with his shirt as ipl 6 game 2013 she sobs into her knees.I cant hear you.You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too!Hye-sung and Su-ha begin an exchange of voiceovers about their relationship, as she says Su-ha doesnt like to go to crowded places, so they dont go to baseball stadiums.He catches her thinking that he cant say that out loud or else she cant change the charge.Min Joon-Kook goes to his truck and gets out a baseball bat.Dude, Im so back on Kwan-woos side right now.At that very moment, Su-ha takes his first test for admission into the police university.Because of that person, I learned how important it is to listen to other people.But Kwan-woo argues that the three of them are the ones who started this mess (ha, I love that Judge Kim gets included in this) for letting Min Joon-gook go free in the first place when they screwed up the last trial.He doesnt say it with any anger or even any defensivenesshe knows its true.
Su-ha: Then you come live with me there.