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It will be added to as the story progresses.
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Inside Job Naturally, Megatron was less than convinced of Starscream's loyalty, and 3ds max full version with crack watched his memories via cortical psychic patch to find his true motives.
After a while, Starscream began to focus more on the AllSpark, hoping Megatron would remain lost, something the other Decepticons began to suspect.The crisis weakened the Decepticons with the loss of the Insecticons and the infected Vehicons, having depleted more than half of their military strength.The Rebirth Japanese cartoon continuity In Japanese cartoon continuity, the events of "The Rebirth" do not occur, and Headmasters and Targetmasters have a different origin.Cyclonus, Five Faces of Darkness, Part 1 On Chaar, the Decepticons faced constant energy shortages and engaged in tekken 5 pcsx2 patch constant in-fighting over what little they did have.Around 1,000.C.E., Shockwave was reactivated by Scourge, and then defeated the Unicronian Transformer.Starscream took control of the Lugnut Supremes, rigging them to blow and destroy Detroit.Stormbringer The Decepticons are spread across known space, following a strict Infiltration protocol to conquer worlds.However, Optimus' surrender of the Matrix's power also lost him his memories of being a Prime, and he took upon his old 'Orion Pax' persona.Though, not all hope was lost for the Decepticons.Through the efforts of the Autobots human allies, the ship's sentience was defeated, but had already located four Iacon relics.War Within: The Dark Ages Several thousand years later, Shockwave was prepared to sign a peace treaty with Ultra Magnus, who had become Autobot leader, the LSC, and Ratbat's Ultracon.The Decepticons were released and eventually, in the interests of peace, the chips were deactivated.Following this, Megatron retook fifa 13 origin setup command of the Decepticons, but with his damaged sanity circuits repaired, he abandoned his evil ways and united the Decepticons with the Autobots as the Cybertron Alliance.