english for life pre intermediate workbook

Exercise Number: 2L7 (2 click for Transcript, keep up to date with new materials and world of tanks mods 8.8 news about learning English.
David Attenborough sees amazing things on planet Earth.
For UN World Cities day Jackie and Richard talk about cities far and wide (22 Oct 15) Download (1.65MB, 3min 36sec) Transcript (pdf 53KB) Worksheet Answers (pdf 94KB) Vocabulary tasks (pdf 78KB) 119 The delivery van.If I would you.To test your progress at this level answer all questions, then click 'Test Result' for on-line corrections.(10 Apr 14) Download (1.32MB, 2min 52sec) Transcript (pdf 49KB) Worksheet Answers (pdf 131KB) Vocabulary tasks (pdf 74KB) How to make a strange, glowing Easter egg: Stop video 104 Dear diary.Our two dogs, Jussi and Betty, are very different.76 Penela: our local town.Exercise Number: 2L4 (2 click for Transcript, the Inspector Calls.The amazing story of the man who fell to Earth (18 Oct 12) Download (1.83MB, 3min 59sec) Transcript (pdf 74KB) Worksheet Answers (pdf 180KB) Vocabulary tasks (pdf 143KB) Surely one of the most incredible things to do: Watch listen (01:31) Bonus for members!They weren't see him.Can you speak German?Is Laura's round-the-world solo trip at 16 fantastic, or not?The pie team have found themselves a new hobby - soap making (15 Dec 11) Download (1.8MB, 3min 49sec) Transcript (pdf 57KB) Worksheet Answers (pdf 98KB) Vocabulary tasks (pdf 86KB) This podcast goes with this pie video: Stop video 80 Why Occupy?Find out why Di enters so many competitions each year (15 Sep 16) Download (1.6MB, 3min 34sec) Transcript Worksheet Answers Vocabulary tasks 126 London's burning.Continue reading, this EFL lesson is designed around a short film by The Mercadantes which explores how beauty can be found in the most seemingly mundane objects, and the theme of colours.Go on a TV show!A police inspector comes and speaks to the wife of a murder victim.The amazing underground world of London's Lost Property Office (1 Mar 12) Download (1.47MB, 3min 12sec) Transcript (pdf 53KB) Worksheet Answers (pdf 188KB) Vocabulary tasks (pdf 111KB) A short horror film about stealing a lost item from London Underground: Watch listen (00:59) 82.(12 Jan 17) Download (1.16MB, 2min 32sec) Transcript Now listen to both the questions and Richard's answers: Download (2.29MB, 5min 00sec) Transcript Worksheet Answers Vocabulary tasks 129 Stop me and buy one!Home Page Listening Comprehension Pre-Intermediate, page 1, the Charity Show, two friends talk about how one can help the other with an upcoming charity show.
They didn't see him,.
Worksheet Answers, vocabulary tasks 134, whoops!