episode 15 season 4 vampire diaries

Elena stands stiffly as she hesitates for a moment before telling her Jeremy is dead.
Matt takes Elena to the stoner pit, and they reminisce over Jers I 3 Vicki graffiti art.Elena is staring ahead blankly as music builds, Bonnie quietly telling them everything will be fine.Katherine, Damon then realizes switch sound converter for windows that the ring will no longer work on Jeremy as he is a hunter.She has a blank look 3d car games for computer in her eyes.Stefan says turning off Elena's humanity was a mistake.But hes not alone.Carrie Raisler from The.V.She walks into her house and Shane is there.Everyone is there and they let her in with Nadia to say goodbye.Julie Plec is doing a brilliant job subtly setting up this Originals spinoff.).As if Elenas denial wasnt heartbreaking enough, Matt The Human Band-Aid Donovan breaks down at the sight of Jeremys (very dead) body.
Bye-bye confused, conflicted, emotional Elena Gilbert and hello Elena the Ripper!
Meanwhile, Katherine takes Nadia to a church to keep her safe while waiting for Wes, but because Wes is taking a long time with the cure, Katherine leaves to find him.