episode minato vs raikage

The fillers are gone and were back to the War!
Naruto Shippuden 282 ends here.
We then see a moment where the Raikages cousin dies, the people talk how the next Jinchuuriki will be Bee.Naruto is punched and pushed back.Raikage says that there is no faster Shinobi except the Fourth Hokage.He was adopted when he was small and was told to comply with the Eight Tails.Naruto's Chakra Mode, raikage, tsunade.Naruto gets angry and shuts Raikage up that tells him that he did not fail, and that he shouldnt talk about his dad like that.At this point, Bee quickly uses one of his tentacles to push both of them back, at this point the retreat signal is sound.Cant wait for next weeks Naruto Shippuden 283, titled Two Suns, when all this carries on, Naruto gets one step closer to leaving, we also see that Tobi has brought back most of the other Jinchuurikis!He also explains the bad points of being the Jinchuuriki.Bee calls the Raikage a fool because hes going to surpass him very soon.When its Bees turn he does it and successfully gets to fist bump the Raikage.Bee in enticed by Tsunades breasts, Raikage tells both of them that they are not going to go pass.We move onto the waterfall we saw Naruto in, Raikage tells Bee tells that from this point on nothing will be the same anymore, they both then fist bump and he tells him that he is special to him, he should also tell him everything.As cousin tells him that to become a Jinchuuriki, the person will have to have this something in order to live, or else the person will die.We now go to where Minato faced both A and Bee.Naruto responds with a hand sign when Raikage goes for an attack.Naruto moves as fast as he to realize that the Raikage is as fast as him.Naruto Shippuden 282, naruto Shippuden 283, naruto Uzumaki.We then go to a fight where Bee took out windows xp password recovery disk iso Ninjas from the Sand all on his own, they also do the Double Lariat on the only one left.
Its going to be awesome, plus weve got awesome new Opening and Ending for the episode.