esata speed vs usb 3.0

For all practical purposes, you could call this a tie knowing how knowledgeable this guy was I am not sure if there's much conclusion can be drawn from the MAC link.
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I speed test from t and i get speed.89 mbps ( which is good for me) but if i download something, down speed is.In the case of the external SSD drive, the USB.0 interface could be a limiting factor and depends on the SSD drive's specifications.While sata and esata are both older than USB.0, its proponents would still claim that it's better than USB.0.I had expected better from.Fwiw, I was told that esata is transmitting a sata signal to a sata drive.If I were you, I'd stand pat for now.We still don't know.Edited by dukeReinhardt - 2/9/14 at industrial designer's guide to sketching 5:31pm.1 thing more, this happened few days ago.Thus, the argument goes, these devices must use a bridge chip to translate from the ATA protocol to USB or the FireWire ieee 1394 protocol.For example, like USB.0, you can power devices through a USB.0 connection, while you'll need another power connection for external esata devices.Luckystar # 8 essenbe": Originally Posted by Luckystar This is fantastic stuff guys.Again, the next generation of devices and drivers should handle this better.I am not who you addressed the question to, but I said earlier that it was.The general consensus around the 'net seems to agree that native beats out third party.
Avg 67,476,436 bytes per second Copy 2nd source back to C drive.
160GB Seagate Momentus 7200.3, 7200RPM Laptop hard drive.