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) May 10, 2014 Mirajane and Panther Lily join the fight against the Hungry Wolf Knights before a shockwave from one of Natsu's attacks separates both teams into five groups.
Meanwhile, Rogue expresses his understanding of Gajeel's camaraderie in Fairy Tail and stops fighting.
187 "Frog" "Kaeru" June 21, 2014 After forewarning her friends, Future Lucy says that she is unable to stop the attack after telling them that she used Eclipse to arrive on the fourth day of the games.Asuka takes Natsu, Lucy, and Happy to perform several odd jobs around town for her to afford a treasured snow globe lacrima that her parents were once forced to pawn off to pay for her medicine.When Natsu overcomes his spirit forms, Franmalth assumes a powerful new form that shocks the wizards.Gajeel infuses Rogue's shadow magic into his body, achieving an Iron Shadow Dragon form.Meanwhile, the Magic Council initiates a member exchange program between the guilds that participated in the Grand Magic Games; Natsu volunteers as one of the exchange members, interested in asking about Kemo-Kemo's origins across Fiore.During their fight, Minerva's memories of her father Ziemma's abuse surface and she suffers an emotional breakdown, asking Erza to kill her.Erza reveals Simon sacrificed himself to save her and accepts responsibility for his death, causing Kagura to furiously unsheathe her sword against her.Meanwhile, Wendy and Carla reach Face, which is guarded by the multi-armed Ezel, one of the Nine Demon Gates.Meanwhile, Natsu's team human resources management tutorial finds a seriously injured Arcadios within the Palace of Hades.Horseback Showdown!" "Eruza.After Laxus neutralizes the lacrima, he and the Raijin Tribe discover that the mayor has deliberately set up Laxus to extort Fairy Tail.The season began airing on April 5, 2014.Atlas Flame uses the last of his strength to thaw out the rest of Sun Village, freeing the giants and forcing Minerva to flee.He offers Natsu and his friends to release Lucy in exchange for their victory in the Grand Magic Games.He is forced out of the celestial world in battle against Taurus and crash lands into the library, allowing Virgo to escape with the globe while the others are distracted.Before disappearing, Future Rogue informs Natsu that Frosch's death is what causes his change, shocking Natsu with the unheard name of Frosch's killer.Cana unseals the guild and they begin their assault on Tartaros."Page 2" (in Japanese)."Fairy Tail's Tartarus Arc Previewed in Video".Meanwhile, Lucy and the others exit the castle to meet Hisui as she prepares to open Eclipse.After spending the entire day searching, Frosch ends up at the Fairy Tail guildhall by mistake, to Rogue's dismay.