fm 2013 patch 13.2.2

Changelog, performance, fixed rare history crash in edited databases.
Fixed Brazilian State Championship start dates.Fixed refreshing of coach star rating when coach leaves club.Improved distinction between Needs a rest and Rested status flags.Just in time for Xmas, Sports Interactive just released the.2 update for Football Manager 2013 via Steam.Fixed state saving of staff responsibility setting for match preparation (FMC).If this does not work for you or you feel it has not updated you will need to restart Steam.Fixed international shortlist being populated by player search.Fixed scrollbar losing focus on individual training screen.Fixed erroneous fluctuation of tactic familiarity.Scouting costs adjustments.Fixed takeovers disproportionately boosting club reputation.Turkish non-football and Other costs adjustments.Staff wage fixes.General, fixed very low and negative attendances.Here are the changes that come with this.Max wage limit being prohibitive fix.Poland the complete 64th primetime emmy awards winners pdf Tweaked Polish Ekstraklasa TV scheduling - Fixed 16th placed team in Ekstraklasa getting the same prize money as the league winners Portugal Fixed scheduling of Portuguese League Cup when using 2013 start date Serbia Fixed Serbian First League team in promotion/relegation playoff having senior.How will you handle the dressing room and the inevitable egos within?Improved long term lower league AI squad balance.
Fixed fixture congestion when reaching final of Bulgarian Cup and euro Cup.