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Read more » Announcements We are known to provide quality service in the roofing and remodeling scene in Virginia thanks our hardworking employees who undergo rigid trained and are educated in the ways of proper roof maintenance and remodeling.Read more » Project Planning As they offer a range of advantages, it is not surprising that flat roofs are popular as commercial roofing options.Read more » Roofing The Roofing Company holds a reputation in the Hampton Roads area for strictly following manufacturers guidelines.What many homeowners dont know is that some insurers are now minimizing their liability for roof repair by enacting an age limit on roofs.Our hot, humid summers and cold winters gradually wear out existing windows.Read more » Announcements On January 27th, The Roofing Remodeling Company held its quarterly company meeting.Read more what makes a company more proud about its success than to hear it straight from their customers.This 24-7 exposure to the elements makes your roof prone to structural damage.Read more » Announcements The Roofing Remodeling Company is pleased to announce that four finalists have been selected in our first No Roof Left Behind campaign.A team is formed with employees from different departments and preparation is started months in advance.This overnight blitz that occurred between 11pm to 2am has left major damage in its path.