game angry bird for pc full version

Features 15 exclusive levels not available in other versions, making this much more than a demo.
Angry Birds, Awesome game for all kinda ages.Angry Birds ben 10 adventure games offers wonderful replay value due to the massive amount of levels in the game.Now you can download Three versions of Angry Birds for free here.Puzzles Based on Physics, the puzzles in Angry Birds Free are immediately understandable, even for newcomers.Conclusion Angry Birds Free is an exceptional demo that sets the standard for game trials.It is bigger than many of the other birds, making it more difficult to gain altitude on the shots.The life of the birds is six feet from the edge now! .You are in full control of the trajectory of each shot.It initially gained popularity as a phone-based game but has since stretched its boundaries and journeyed to other platforms as well.It's a puzzle game for everyone.Blue Bird - This bird splits into three, making it useful for raining a barrage of shots down on a wider area.