game bid for power 2.6

Debts are stored by regions, and not by countries.
Tweaked: Thematic maps: Optimized empire map - Tweaked: Unit production window will be updated when a new design is created (no need to close everything, reopen etc.) - Tweaked: Nuclear siren sound, not playing multiple times if multiple nukes are launched at once.
Population is balanced after trade and annexation.Only used when creating country, and since cricket 2007 ipl patch 2013 we don't have the creators for the originals, we don't load them from the Database.Proper image displayed in Unit Design window.Economic failure will reduce resource production a lot less, preventing countries that dropped to a GDP.Left and right ideology change when changing Internal Laws.Iekeptza - Start with 6 lives.Various crash optimizations Patch.3 Notes: - Savegame now saves the training progress of units - Fixed drag box over a window misplacement - Strategic warfare view improved - Glitches in unit production window resolved - Implemented a decrease relations when nuclear research.Along the way, gamers make use of economic sanctions, political alliances, and military actions to wage their battles.Nuclear missile will do civilian damage.Aekeptze - Start with 9 lives.Production Table adjustment for initial time and production by day.