generals zero hour multiplayer your serial is already in use

Retaliation yes, sFX3DVolume 79, sFXVolume 71, scrollFactor.
You will then click on Network.
If you notice It only displays your serial number without the xcom 2 resurrection ebook - between the code so you will just need to add them in for example change it from 123A5678B8CDD3D3P0P0 to 123A-5678-B8CD-D3D3-P0P0 now try playing the same you should be able to play it online.Open explorer and locate the C:Program FilesEA Games folder.SendDelay no, showSoftWaterEdge yes, showTrees yes, staticGameLOD Custom.I may be a month late, but after months of frustration with Generals on vista or 7 I figured out the solution.Leave the game, both you and the host, and head over to the main menu.Before we go forward, please make sure that you have correctly port forwarded port 11155, if you're not sure how to do so, please check.Then click on "Refresh NAT".And it usually fixes this issue right away.GameSpyIPAddress, gamma 50, iPAddress, idealStaticGameLOD High.Take note of the IP Address.Lets just say i got it a long long time ago by alternative means.
The last step is to open notepad, copy the text below into notepad, set the "Resolution " setting in the i file to your desktop resolution, then select save as and under file type select all files then name it i and save.
Also, the main culprit of multiplayer games not working via Tunngle is either your Anti-Virus software or your Firewall.