gravity falls episode 11 little dipper

Stan goes to answer it, leaving his fez behind, which Soos puts on himself.
Gideon is extremely ticklish and hates being tickled.
Mabel and Dipper return to normal size using the magic flashlight.Dipper finally gives in and tells her about the flashlight, which Mabel instantly wants.Dipper gets a crystal.Dipper denies this statement, so Soos measures them to make sure.The pink light makes things smaller and the blue light makes things bigger.Stan mistakes him for a tax collector and tries to hide his money edius 6.5 full version crack elsewhere.Old Man McGucket's full name is Fiddleford.Stan isn't familiar with texting.Dipper gets an idea, and he and Mabel tunnel under Gideon's shirt to his armpit, tickling him so much that he can't attack Stan, who simply rolls him out of the Mystery Shack.Stan simply closes the door in disgust, and the money is offered to Old Man McGucket, who then eats the huge check.Gideon nearly squashes Dipper in anger but decides to use them.Try refreshing the page or change server if the video error.Soos and Stan finish setting up the Maze of Mirrors, a new attraction, when the phone rings.
Looking through Journal 3, Dipper realizes that there are height-altering crystals in the forest, and he goes to investigate.
Character revelations Dipper is a millimeter shorter than Mabel.