gta vice city ultimate pc game

Go down to the lower garages and locate the dry erase board with a vista home premium iso file list of cars on the wall.
After you hijack the Caddy, the target will send his guards after you and attempt to run.
If you drive around for awhile and return to the same spot where you found the bike, sometimes different color PCJ 600's will appear.
I bet you're just dying to find a sweeter way to kill baddies (or normal citizens) faster with these weapons.Play As Hilary King While playing a game, press R1, Circle, R2, L1, Right, R1, L1, X,.Low Gravity Right r2 circle r1 r2 down.Reward Car:Deluxo, car Showroom Garage 3, list 3 Cheetah Infernus Banshee Phoenix Comet Stinger.Keep going up and you will eventually reach the top.If you let it go down far enough so you don't get to low or crash then you will fly forward and up at the same time at a pretty fast rate.Hyman Memorial Stadium Missions Go to Hyman Memorial Stadium in Downtown for three missions.You can't really see anything besides a thong when you see the back view.There you will find a lot of people walking around and if you do have any incident w/the cops you have a pay and spray near.You should find somewhere a sparrow helicopter.First if you have a car (or other) in the garage then bring a car or a moter cycle ect.Once you have killed all of them, collect their money and let Lance die.Finding The Ice Cream Factory, first, go to starfish island and head to the east island.The Harley is the slowest of the three.