gundam the origin episode 2

1 Besides having a Drill Lance and a Sword as its main weapons, Kimaris Vidar is also armed with ipad manual ios 4.2 a pair of Drill Knee and two Shields.
1 Handgun A compact, easy to use, close range shooting weapon stored in the front skirt armor.
1 4 The Dainsleifs are loaded with.5m long Special KEP Bullets, which are stored in the suit's shield.
Crew 1 in torso cockpit, manufacturer, developed From, first Deployment.Official Name, gundam Kimaris Vidar, overall Height.5.976 ft 767.717 in, base Weight.5.References. High Grade Gundam Kimaris Vidar model kit manual. 'Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans Mechanical Works' Book Official Site Profile.3 5 Scanners simply report the Gundam Vidar as 'Gjallarhorn Unit.21'.The Alaya-Vijnana Type E system has some similarities to the exam System from Universal Century.1 Classified game empire earth full version gratis as blunt weapon, they are incapable of slicing.It is later deployed alongside Julieta Juris ' EB-08 Reginlaze to Mars to investigate the mobile armor Hashmal, as well as what happened to Iok Kujan 's team as they lost contact with the Arianrhod fleet.1 Hunter's Edge This close combat weapon consisted of two extendable blades per foot, one in the tip and another in the heel.Furthermore, the Alaya-Vijnana Type E also does not cause the mobile suit to go berserk unlike the exam system.1 The suit spent a long time undergoing maintenance and adjustment, and only Rustal and a few others in the fleet were aware of its existence.4 Details of this system are only known by some of those in charge of the suit's development.Mobile Suit Gundam iron-blooded orphans television series.3 Like the Gundam Kimaris and Gundam Kimaris Trooper, the Gundam Kimaris Vidar's primary battle style involves hit and run attacks with its lance.1 110mm Rifle A highly versatile rifle that can be used in any range, it is stored on the side of the side armor when not in use.He holds the rank of marquis, and is served by 20 legions.Operational History The Gundam Vidar is first deployed in 325.D after a lengthy period of repair and maintenance.In this manner, it is as effective as the true Alaya-Vijnana system.He also rules over all the spirits of Africa.2 Made of the rare metal used in mobile suit's frame, its blade is sharpened for cutting attacks as well as penetrating thrusts.6 Armaments Burst Saber Gundam Vidar's main armament, this slim saber is used in combat styles like striking and thrusting.1 The drill covet fashion cheats no lance is also equipped with two 200mm cannons and two built-in Dainsleif launchers.
2 Armaments Drill Lance A large lance designed for Kimaris Vidar's use, it is the suit's symbolic weapon.