h index chemistry 2012

Accruing all those citations love and order otome game full version takes time and sustained quality output.
However, he agrees that trying to distinguish between two researchers with only a couple of points difference is largely meaningless.
The critics ire is aimed partly at the metric itself, but mostly at Schaefers list.
"Universality of scholarly impact metrics".Scopus and Google Scholar".In addition to measuring the average number of citations to papers a journal publishes, it also weights those citations citations from a higher SJR-ranked journal are worth more than those from a lower-ranked journal.Schaefer agrees, adding that its objectivity levels the playing field.Some of you may be surprised to see George Whitesides coming in at a lowly number seven, given that by another reckoning the Hirsch index hes right at the top of the pile."What do citation counts measure?It was introduced in July 2011 by Google as part of their work on Google Scholar.Input data edit The h -index can be manually determined using citation databases or using automatic tools.He also notes that it is perfectly possible to have a huge impact in a field without amassing a large h-index.This, Schaefer contends, did not represent any single researcher, but rather the accumulated output of many chemists sharing a common name.Albert Einstein has an h-index of about six, for example, and there are several Nobel laureates with h-indices of less than 55, who therefore dont feature on the rankings.Calculation edit Formally, if f is the function that corresponds to the number of citations for each publication, we compute the h index as follows.The index works properly only for comparing scientists working in the same field; citation conventions differ widely among different fields.Tieing in nicely with the article in this Januarys print Chemistry World ( How good is UK chemistry?, pp 4223 you can also use the data to analyse a countrys performance.
In fact the top five are unchanged, but there is bit more movement lower down the table, with a few new entries.
Whitesides, who has been involved in many academic assessment efforts, agrees.