hack clash of clans town hall 11

I think that the main focus is improving our game experience with new features like Clan War showed 2014 and not just adding some more of what we already have enough Defenses and Troops.
View Results, this website uses cookies to improve your experience.I want to see things that get me return to my base all the time, Extended Single Player Map, Daily Quests, Much more Achievements and last but not least something that has to do with that water gamecube pokemon colosseum rom Im looking at for more than 2 years.Yes I love it!I dont miss any kind of Troop in Clash of Clans right now and a new Troops wouldnt be exiting to me at all.To expect the right thing we have to get some straight facts on the way that have applied to all past new Town Hall levels its always about westlife you raise me up karaoke new Troops and new Defenses.In addition I want to link you to my post what.Will we get another Troop which is Town Hall 11 exclusive?If there will be a new Troops coming to Clash of Clans it will be a Dark Elixir Troop and this will be available Town Hall.I think only a little bit, right?We have Troops with high and low DPS, flying and ground etc.So please think about what would Town Hall 11 be like?Polls, do you like the Update?Sponsor G2A En Ucuz Oyunlar.Will there be a Town Hall 11 in 2015?
To be honest I really dont know if there is a Town Hall 11 in the roadmap of Supercell even included.
But should that be?