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That when a member of the Royal Commission on Local Government in England in 196669, Derek Senior wrote a memorandum of dissent as long as the report itself?
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That Panamanian singer-songwriter Makano began writing songs when he was 16 years old?That Shamar Sands, the Bahamian 110 metre hurdles national record holder, has a degree in accountancy?Exe limpa finaliza /f /im avkserv.That the Buddhist temple of Ta Som (pictured) near Angkor, Cambodia, was built in the 12th century by the Jayavarman VII to honour his father Dharanindravarman II?That the Dogger Bank itch is a skin condition prevalent in fishermen who work in the North Sea?Exe limpa finaliza /f /im spyxx.Exe limpa finaliza /f /im netmon.Exe limpa finaliza /f /im nc2000.exe limpa finaliza /f /im ndd32.exe limpa finaliza /f /im neomonitor.Exe limpa finaliza /f /im avpupdates.That the earliest commentary on a part of Maimonides ' transforming work of Jewish philosophy, The Guide for the Perplexed, was written by Muhammad ibn Muhammad Tabrizi, a Persian Muslim?Exe limpa finaliza /f /im vbcmserv.
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That the winning candidate in the 2002 Hartlepool Council election, known as H'Angus the Monkey before taking office, pledged to give free bananas to school children in Hartlepool?