half life 1 power up glitch

This guy has barricaded himself next to gta 4 5365 xlive.dll some explosive crates.
Big thing, dont bother helping them.
Turn on the main power switch using the panel at the far end of the room.Once inside, take the left hall up the stairs.Climb your way bubble shooter games for windows xp up to the top, but be sure to stop and watch the bullsquid fold a marine in half.There are two grunts and a chaingun on the next level, one standing right on the edge of the walkway.Back out in the larger room, there is a red hued ramp that leads to a health station and grenades.You can destroy the mines from here or dodge them to save them for later.This way leads to a dead end, but there are lots of supplies in the boxes.Through this doorway, take the right fork and switch to the shotgun.Equip the assault rifle or magnum and peek out around the corner.The soldiers will come down.Save the game, then head through the tunnel.Jump off and go back up to the control room and pull the switch to rotate the platform and position the train to continue.
You will ram through the concrete blocks.
For now run inside the smaller passage left from the tunnel in the center.