halo 1 walkthrough pc escape

There's an achievement for getting in and jkt48 mission episode 10 out of here quickly so I'll give you the fastest route.
This is the elevator that takes you out but before you leave, turn around on the elevator here and tekken 5 pcsx2 patch note the large structure behind you by the door you entered.
Once everything is dead, jump up fifa 13 origin setup the stack of Covenant crates to get to the upper level.
Turn around and kill off any remaining enemy on the second story then head out through the door closest to where you climbed.Needlers with their "ammo" Walk along the hallway, go through another door until you reached a big room with Shade Turrets and Energy Barriers.Shoot their shields so they'll "roll" and make themselves vulnerable to any weapons (Plasma Pistol is advised) or use overcharged shots on them (Not recommended) After killing the group of Kig-Yar, you'see some large tree roots blocking the way.Now repeat from step.Dead Covenant and you didn't kill them.Go through that door, you'll see a Marine sitting there, panicked and will shoot at you if you get near him.Next, the Library, previous, assault on the Control Room.Climb up the roots and move along it until you see another tree root.Time to find another way out.Kill as many Flood as you can on your route and keep moving towards the area with the red lights.Edit Page, last Edit: November 10, years 9 months ago.You will go through there eventually, but now you will want to power up the light bridge and head directly across to find the elevator you got down here.Go left and through the engineering room to far door.There is a path leading up towards the ramp right up the Pelican Hill, there you would get an Active Camo, but it's practically useless unless you like to ambush some Unggoy.However, you don't have to kill those panicked aliens.A lot of Flood will come out, there are at least ten of them in the doorway, they're so bunched up that a couple of grenades can kill them all.The Marines know where to go, but they won't last very long.(as seen above) Part 02: The Flood: Edit Now, you've known the truth.The next room is more or less the same as the last one, only now you're on the bottom.