heroes of might and magic 6 patch 1.3

Acid Cloud Hero Ability is now: Creates a 3x3 cloud of acid which deals damage (Earth) each turn.
No more enemy heroes stealing your mines right in front of you.
Versions:.1 - October 2011 (ca.
Necropolis Ravenous Ghoul growth rate increased to 10 (1).Campaign - The user could not select a hero for the Epilogue campaign after previously visiting the other campaign tabs.When selecting the "View online profile" option for a friend from the friends list, the achievements list shown remained that of the users.Steam bubble bobble old game version Completed actions are not updated on the Launcher main window unless a logout/login is performed The "Default video settings" option is not functional.The Frost Miya does not increase population by 2 as described, but.Incorrect description in the "War Pavilion" structure tooltip regarding the creature growth.Misc The portraits that can be redeemed from Uplay are also present in the Altar of Wishes.Dynasty trait Artifact Finder does not work.Flonembourg, known Hero posted May 04, 2013 07:39.When using the Compare Achievements option from the leaderboards players list, the comparison is made between the selected player and the last player profile viewed.Now they have to capture your town rt?Vampires Out of Time passive ability gamesen op xbox 360 is now an Active ability with a 2 turns cooldown.After creating 44 heroes the 'Create New Hero' button is grayed out and no additional heroes can be created.The "Inner Fire" ability does not fully describe what it does when selecting the unit on which the ability will be casted upon.This will do for now.Boarding them is a piece of strawberry cake butno loss of movement points?Overlapping text for the numbers exceeding 8 digits, in the End Game Statistics.Level 5 Staff of the Tides "Ice Barrier" ability was too powerful.
I made duels against AI and each new factions and new duels i made, i find new bugs.
People avoided it, people hated it, people believed it to be a disgrace to the franchise, etc.