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The Real World Shae.: A question that has been on my mind lately is how many winzip 8.1 sr-1 serial real world events took place in the MCU/dceu.
Lord of the Rings is my absolute favorite piece of fiction and is arguably just as complex and daunting as A Song of Ice and Fire but at least its complete!
But those are just mineadd and explain yours in the comments.Runnin Through My Veins Sarah.: Was the Scorpion spear poisoned?There are a few spoilers for last weeks episode, but more importantly, an answer to a question we should have been asking ourselves since the first episode: Should we want Daenerys and Jon Snow to fuck?A lot windows xp home edition v 5.1 build 2600 of people have this problem with a lot of series, whether it be TV shows, comics, or books.The reason I dont think the spear was poisoned is because the show didnt tell us it was poisoned.Also, can you imagine how much more tense that battle would have been if we had known the spear was poisoned and Dany didnt?Mulan, is Rick Sanchezs singular reason for traversing the multiverse.It would be surprising, heartbreaking, and bold to see the MCU go this route with the Spidey sequels, and Tom Holland is such a terrific actor that he could pull this off so well.Spider-Men #1 art by Jim Cheung Miles Away Jeff.: Dear Everyones Favorite Post-Apocalyptic Mail Person, You did an awesome Spidey-centric Postal Apocalypse a little while back.The Spoils of War was the reason we watch Game of Thrones, one of those.The Finish Line Benjen Stark: Hey Postman, hope you survived post-apocalyptic Comic-Con!On the pro side: it would sidestep Dany needing Jon to bend the knee (and is a solution that the northmen would probably accept it would be thematically consistent (fire/ice and it would eliminate (almost) all of the tension for trying to root for two.