html code for font style on tumblr

The result is: #ffff00 - Combination of red and green color gives us yellow: #cceeff - Take some red a bit more of green and maximum of blue to get color of sky: Have fun!
Or maybe you need just some quick html modifications to use your Tumblr account for business.Xsleft; function set_scroll if (typeof(geYOffset number geYOffset; geXOffset; else if (rollTop rollLeft) rollTop; rollLeft; else if (cumentElement (rollTop rollLeft) rollLeft; rollTop; else sdown0; sleft0; window.Onresizeset_width; function set_width if (typeof(nerWidth number nerWidth; nerHeight; else if (cumentElement ientWidth) ientWidth; ientHeight; else if (ientWidth) ientWidth; ientHeight; function createDiv(height, width) var eateElement div yle.The third and fourth represents intensity of green and fifth and sixth represents the intensity of blue.Onloadfunction if (tElementById) var i, rats, rlef, rdow; for (var i0; i sparkles; i) scratch car race game var ratscreateDiv(3, 3 sibility"hidden.Code for a Pop up Message on Tumblr If you would like a message to pop up to welcome guests to your Tumblr page or to ask them to do something like join your mailing list, you can use this code: script type"text/javascript" window.And of course, the Your Text Message needs to be changed to the words that you want to be highlighted and clicked.You can do things like add effects to the text on the page, change the font and add scrolls by adding a little html code.All you have to do is to put the code below on your website.Html Code to Make a Scroll Box on Tumblr div style"height:100px; width:100px; overflow:auto Your Text Message /div This code gives you a scroll box that will be 100px by 100px in size.You can also change the value to be whatever word you would like to see on your button.
The font courier is used in this example.
00 is the least and FF is the most intense.