ibm x330 server guide

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This really showcases the problem with IBMs uEFI implementation of legacy booting.
HDS Unified Storage: HUS series HDS NAS Storage: hnas 3100/3200 and hnas 3080/3090 HDS Enterprise Storage: Lightning series, USP series, uspv series and VSP.Telco: Netra spotify or use web player CT Series / Netra CP Series / Netra 1xx,2xx,4xx,6xx,11xx,12xx,14xx / Netra X series / Netra T4-1,2 / Netra X3-2,X5-2 / Netra T5 / Netra 6000.2009 here it is the same issue I have been seeing.It is almost as if the uefi implementation uses a tiny block size like 512 byte reads, rather than a larger buffer during reads.T-Series, J-Series, MX, M, PTX, EX, QFX, SRX Series Brocade SLX Switches: SLX 9140, 9240, 9540 Switch Brocade VDX Switches: VDX 6740, 6940, 8770 Switch Brocade ruckus: ICX7450, 6610, 7150, 7250, 7750, 6430, 6450, FCX Series Switches Brocade Carrier Ethernet: Brocade CES2000, 6910 Switches Brocade.ServerProven provides compatibility information only.SmartOS like Solaris 11 time dd if/dev/dsk/c1t0d0p0 of/dev/null bs4096 count records in 655360 records out real 0m33.056s.74MB/sec.Even if they're not all from Lenovo.HPE BladeSystem c-Class Enclosures: c3000 Enclosure, c7000 Enclosure, hPE Proliant Server Blades: BL400c series, BL600c series, hPE Proliant WorkStation Blades: WS400c series.Power Enterprise Series Servers E850C, E850, E870, E880.Power5 Series Power Systems scale-out servers p5 505, p5 510, p5 520, p5 550, p5 560, p5 570.
Time dd if/dev/dsk/c1t0d0p0 of/dev/null bs512 count records in 5242880 records out real 31m19.499s.64MB/sec.
It loads a 275MB "compressed" blob (the entire OS) and then boots the OS in memory.