info of update failed

I had to do this 2 or 3 times for each file. .
For that, open the, event Viewer and navigate through the console tree.Unfortunately despite swapping out a different CD/dvdrw drive I'm still not able to flash this laptop.To answer a couple of questions Originally Posted by uncle_joe Psy, should the name for.FD file be matter?In effect I have a laptop which appears to have all the hallmarks of one that is capable of being flashed, but is refusing to comply!Download the bios from the manufacturers site, preferably the version that worked originally.21:56:02, Info CBS Ending TrustedInstaller games for windows live offline finalization.Insize the ZIP were 2 files.It may also be helpful to search the web for the exact error code.Rename file name to NEW70X64.fd and copy it to USB or CD/DVD (only one file should be in the media).I did not rename the file, the only thing I did was finalise the disc to ensure it was readable by most makes of drive.Hresult 0x800705aa - error_NO_system_resources 21:58:38, Info CBS Failed to load WCP DLL.Psy, should the name for.FD file be matter?Burn only the.FD file to the.I hope you help.Find file *.fd in DOS directory.To do so, click the.(00000000) 21:32:39: d0 Report report event: 6484E756-73F8-4B1F-B64A-9 429F710222 B 21:32:34: CA813A-7585-442E-A66B-B 0D15CE6BDC SelfUpdate Failure Software Synchronization Windows Update Client failed to detect with error 0x80080005.Laptop spins up the CD every minute or so then spins down and repeats.
How to diagnose a Windows Update failure.